Ctrlio Platform

Ctrlio's platform combines cutting-edge data science with machine learning, to precision price the best policies in real-time, all the time.

How we integrate

Ctrlio's in-house data and analytics resources enable you to assess value and opportunity fast. We help you to simulate your price and risk selection proposals, and measure them against market data. The conclusions can be integrated easily into your existing pricing systems. Full track, trace and reporting enables you to reconcile, tune and control results in real time.

Partnership approach

Ctrlio's approach applies to large and small players. We can:

  • adapt to your technology stack
  • target your specific goals, whether that's growth in market share, enhanced performance on current volumes, or both
  • integrate brokers and underwriting insurers and enable them to collaborate and coordinate their pricing campaigns

Our data scientists are available to work in partnership with your teams to deliver results, fast.

Our commercial model is free-to-use:

  • No upfront costs
  • No monthly fees

We invest in our relationships and get paid on a share of the value we create.


Our fast turnaround service quickly and accurately benchmarks your portfolio performance against competitors. Find out:

How your pricing compares to the best in the market

Which policies you are within reach of winning

How your loss ratio profile compares to the best in the market

Which factors are causing you to miss out on business

Benchmark your performance and learn how to fix it
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