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Insurers and brokers are winning the most profitable business on price comparison sites today using Ctrlio’s platform.

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The Advantage

Why insurers are choosing Ctrlio

Unique data

Ctrlio combines novel market and insurer data to give clients the most comprehensive view yet of how to price for profitable growth.

Powerful platform

Ctrlio’s platform combines leading digital systems with cutting-edge data science and machine learning, to precision price the best policies across the ever-changing market.

Partnership approach

Tier 1 or new entrant; looking for growth, profit or both; Ctrlio works in partnership with clients, adapting to their technology stack and goals, to deliver outstanding results.

Ctrlio’s unique data and cutting-edge platform deliver sustainable results for any insurer or broker
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Delivering the digital advantage where it matters most

Winning the right policy on a price comparison site comes down to a single moment. Ctrlio’s platform identifies the most valuable quote requests and the price needed to win them, in real-time, all the time.

Ctrlio is helping clients achieve their goals


One broker has doubled their sales volumes by correcting their prices using the Ctrlio platform.


One insurer has doubled the value of policies sold and improved their loss ratio by more than 10% - twin goals that are often in conflict but delivered by the Ctrlio platform.


Our clients are winning with precision; in ever-changing market conditions, results match simulations with more than 90% accuracy.

* Data from the Ctrlio annual performance dashboard 2020

Revolutionising the business of data

Ctrlio was set up with a clear purpose: to use data in ways that benefit everyone. We believe data can be used safely to deliver efficiencies all along the value chain, in pro-competitive ways, so that consumers benefit from better value products and services.

Data you can trust 

Ctrlio sets a very high bar when it comes to data standards. We work with trusted marketplaces and insurers to create valuable actionable insights on an anonymised basis, without ever exposing the underlying data.

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