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Ctrlio helps insurers grow with our new insurance distribution product OpenJourney.
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We put an OpenJourney widget in front of 10's of millions of consumers via a retailer distribution network.

Simplest journey

We find the consumers' data for them - the industry knows it already. We do the work for the customer.

Best price

Our novel approach to working with insurer panels means we can deliver the most competitive price in the market.

Offering value to the entire insurance chain


OpenJourney offers the best experience for the consumer, leading to higher conversion and unbeatable acquisition costs.


Our novel economics allow underwriters to win customers they could otherwise never attain, enabling low risk growth.

Price comparison sites

PCWs are ideally positioned to deliver new and valuable data products to their insurance partners as well as the next generation of consumer experience.


Digital retailers can monetise their broad consumer reach with this next generation consumer experience.

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